General English Beginner / Advanced

Course Overview

The General English Course is an intensive English class designed to improve the four core skills in using English as a Secondary Language: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The course combines topics, functions, and grammar. Our qualified instructors are equipped to help you achieve results and find motivation to learn the necessary skills and knowledge.

We offer this General English Course in 2 categories, Beginner and Advanced

Course Objectives

  • Develop students’ proficiency and communication skills.
  • Offer basic grammar that enables students to understand sentence structures and verb patterns of the English language.
  • Bring students to a good mastery of the English sounds and writing system.
  • Provide a significant set of essential vocabularies needed for basic conversation and reading.
  • Foster the ability to comprehend the language in a variety of social context and situation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Read and write the English alphabet, individual words and numbers, short sentences, and acquire a range of vocabulary.
  • Formulate and respond to simple questions, tell time, know days of week and months, as well as name of the seasons etc.
  • Engage in basic conversations involving greetings and introducing one’s self and family.

Course Outline


Introduction and greetings
Name and Locate things
Time Expressions
Months and days of the week
Cities and Nationalities
Shopping and prices
Appearance and dress
House and Apartments
Food and restaurants
Free-time and weekend activities
Invitations and excuses


Personality types
Formal and Informal Requests
Cultural Comparisons
Life in the past, present and future
World Problems
Everyday Services
Historic Events
Qualities for success
Predicaments and Advice

Pedagogy – Learning Process

Access Training Institute promotes point-of-need teaching, goal-based & case-based learning and active & collaborative learning methods. Teachers determine the appropriate level of students prior to the start of the class by conducting written and oral placement tests. The results of these initial assessments are used by the teacher to identify the teaching strategy and the activities for the course. The following are the teaching methods used for the General English Course:

  • Lectures and Demonstrations
  • Interactive Teaching
  • Multimedia Instructions
  • Group Work
  • Student Presentations
  • Role-plays
  • Gaming
  • Problem-Solving
  • Simulation
  • Web-Based Instruction

Web-based instructions are done through Access Training Institute’s Learning Management System, where students are given online projects as home assignments. Online assignments are given to students every week.

 Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for anyone interested in improving his/her English Language Skills at any age level.