Cambridge International Diploma in IT (CID-IT)

Course Levels

The Cambridge International Diploma in Information Technology (CID – IT) program is designed and
developed by Cambridge International Examinations, University of Cambridge. An internationally
recognized professional and bilingual program, it meets today’s ever-changing IT needs and gives
you an essential competitive edge.

The program covers the key concepts of computing and its practical applications. CID certifies
that the holder has knowledge of the essential concepts of IT, and is able to use a personal
computer and common computer applications, at the recognized level of competence.

Course Outline

The Module covers the following topics:

  • Working with Documents (Microsoft Word)
  • Working with Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  • Working with Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Working with Database (Microsoft Access)
  • Working with Windows
  • Working with Emails and the Internet
  • Introduction to Information Technology
Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for anyone interested in knowing how to use a computer and its applications. It is open to anyone regardless of age, education or experience.

This course is priced at AED 1,600.00